• Exploring Meaningful Measures of Accountability

    This first appeared on the Educause Transforming Higher Education blog, co-written with my friend and Davidson colleague, Shireen Campbell. Assessing the quality of and accounting for the value of a college degree are hot topics in US higher education… Read More

  • Reflections on Indie Ed-Tech

      I’m an unapologetic fan of professional gatherings. I like them less for the formal presentations than I do for the informal conversations that follow. Case in point: it was one of those conversations at the dLRN conference… Read More

  • #dLRN15: Why Should You Trust Us?

      Well, that’s a wrap. The first (and hopefully not last) dLRN conference is officially in the books. The reflections are rolling in on Twitter and blogs, and they are largely positive from the participant perspective. That makes… Read More

  • Making Space for the Important

      I’ve been a director of academic technology at Davidson College for 10 years now. Like many of my colleagues, I’m also a practitioner.  It has always been my position that maintaining some level of practice is a… Read More

  • Reflections from SXSWEdu

      This year was my second visit to SXSWEdu. As much as I love Austin, I am not sure I want to return. The event should be a great opportunity for higher education and Silicon Valley to come together and design interesting… Read More

  • Bringing Students Into Our Liminal Space

      My Twitter tagline reads: “lover of liminal spaces”. I can claim that as part of my anthropology background, but it’s as much a reflection of my professional life as it is my intellectual interests. Academic technologists have… Read More